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About Charlotte Style

Charlotte Style

Charlotte is one of the first European MSc graduates in Applied Positive Psychology and is the author of the popular and very accessible book on the subject, Brilliant Positive Psychology. She has a degree in Philosophy and Theology and is a fully trained Co-Active coach.

Charlotte focuses on what it means to live a good life. She uses an intuitive and multifaceted approach, bringing all aspects of her experience and expertise together when supporting her clients. She believes that all lives, however stressful, can become happier and more meaningful. And that everyone can live closer to his or her true potential if they really want to.

Charlotte facilitates better thinking; what we think about our circumstances and ourselves, creates our experience.

Working with Charlotte, you will be challenged to grow your thinking. Changing your perception, even in the smallest way can have an enormous effect on your happiness and wellbeing.

Charlotte has been a guest speaker on the subject of Values and Happiness for a variety of organisations, including the London Deanery, The Royal College of Defence Studies, Coaching and NLP Conferences, and other organisations interested in Wellbeing and Positive Psychology.

Charlotte began her life as a chef in one of the first Michelin starred restaurants outside London, has worked in the music business but found her true calling as a personal coach.