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Positive Psychology

The Science of Happiness

Positive psychology tells us what works. It is the study of all aspects of living, thinking and behavior that affects our wellbeing. Centered on scientific research, positive psychology provides us with evidence of what qualities and skills significantly contribute to a fulfilling, healthy and flourishing life. It is not just about 'being more positive' but more about becoming the best of ourselves. It is helping us understand and learn how we can experience all areas of our lives better.

The most interesting and relevant research findings wake us up to the power of feeling good, being grateful, thinking positively, acting generously, choosing wisely and being sociable.

Positive psychology is looking much more closely at the many components that contribute to, and go beyond, what is understood as 'self realisation' and living to your full potential. Positive psychologists speak about a flourishing life.

Positive psychology can tell you:

  • What you need in order to feel really motivated.

  • Why being optimistic is more than just looking on the bright side.

  • What keeps you living longer and healthier.

  • The importance and quality of your relationships.

  • Why you like variety and challenges.

  • Why you should apprieciate what you have.

  • The importance of accepting yourself

  • That having meaning and purpose in your life matters.

  • Why knowing and using your strengths is important to your happiness.

  • How life can be as fulfilling as it should be.